Drs. Fischbach and Loike thank our fellow New York State Stem Cell Initiative (NYSTEM) grant recipients and Columbia University faculty colleagues, Professors Daniel Kalderon and Carol Lin, for their helpful feedback over the past two years.

Many students have assisted in giving helpful suggestions and evaluation regarding this distance learning online course. We thank all the students who took Stem Cells: Biology, Bioethics, and Applications Spring term 2012. Many students in Crossroads in Bioethics, and Ethics for Biomedical Engineers, also offered valuable suggestions.

Finally, we were fortunate to have some very helpful Columbia University student interns contributing substantive work to this site. We thank Lena Bell, Eric Bressman, Ayelet Evrony, Daphne Hingert, Komal Kathari, Marissa Penn, Adam Stoller, Wen-Yu Weng, Helena Wu and Huili Zhu.